Acoustic panels Grenamat in Moscow.

Acoustic panels Grenamat in the Youth Centre Planeta KVN in Moscow.


The Moscow Youth Centre Planeta KVN (The Club of Vivacious and Inventive, in Russian Клуб веселых и находчивых, thence the Russian abbreviation KVN) provides a new reference for our acoustic panels Grenamat.

The Youth Centre will be open after an extensive reconstruction in the former multiplex Havana as a present from the Russian government to the Club KVN for its 50th anniversary. During the reconstruction the building site was visited by the Russian President V. Putin and the Mayor of Moscow S. Sobjanin, they were introduced to the elected projects of the facade reconstruction and they discussed the future use of the Centre with the members of KVN.
Accompanied by the head of KVN, the president of the television company „АМиК“ A. Masljakov, they looked over the Club auditorium in which the number of seats will be increased from 500 to 800 due to the reconstruction. And this is the place for our acoustic panels. They efficiently absorb, echo or disperse sound and thanks to them it is possible to reach the required acoustic quality in the closed interior, especially reduce the time of reverberation and improve the auscultatory conditions.

The panels are a combination of particular acoustic elements and materials which form their own interior panelling of the room in the designed formations.

This project was realized by our partner - LLC Facade Shop company.



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