Grenagloss - high gloss boards

Grenagloss is MDF boards with special high gloss acrylic foil, special high gloss PVC foil or special deep matt PET foil on one or both sides.



Grenagloss veneer - high gloss veneered panels

In cooperation with our sister company Jan Ficek Dřevovýroba, we have prepared special veneered MDF panels with special acrylic high gloss surface.
These boards combining a radiant shine and natural veneer will add luxury to any interior!


Lustrolite - bathroom face panels

Lustrolite belongs to the course of development of technological plastics and represents the top quality of extruded decorative materials with a finish and they will mean a revolution in the market.


Splashback - kitchen face panels

Splashback is technologically a top high gloss acrylic panel that looks like glass but in comparison with glass panels is not limited by installation and price.


FFB - foil boards

Foil boards are chipboards which are finished on the surface with an impregnated foil. It is possible to finish the boards unilaterally or bilaterally by spreading the foil or other suitable material - paper, fabric, rubber, imitation leather, plastic sheet. The boards are up to hygienic standards and are made in the emission class E1 with combustibility C1. Foil boards are used in the furniture industry as veneer of walls and ceilings. The boards can be used for production of doors and door frames -  deliveries of unilaterally foiled cuts in many colours. 



Veneered boards

Veneered boards are used for the production of furniture corpus and part and for the production of interior cladding panels. The basic material is a chipboard (DTD) on which a veneer splice is pressed.



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