Classification of boards

Grenamat A - non-combustible boards


A non-combustible board made from the expanded vermiculite and inorganic binder. It contains no mineral or glass fibres or asbestos. It is both ecological and resistant to temperatures up to 1200°C. The boards feature good sound-absorbing and thermal insulating properties.

Reaction on fire as per EN 13501, DIN 4102 je A1.

Another advantage of the vermiculite boards is that they are easy to be worked by using normal wood-working tools. Various surface finishes can also be applied to the surface easily.

Grenamat A non-combustible board is used to protect the marine constructions against fire and to build the ship partitions, walls, ceilings, interior components and the furniture. References

It is certified for use in the shipping industry all over the world.

For more information contact our sales representatives for fire-resistant and non combustible Grenamat boards.

Technical information and surface finishes of boards
  • format (mm): 1220 x 2440, other formats available upon request
  • density (kg.m-3): 480 - 800
  • thickness (mm): 8 - 40
   veneer  HPL  plaster

Machining with normal wood-working tools

 drážkování  vrtání  sponkování šroubování  frézování 

 grooving  drilling coupling  screwing milling milling of shapes cutting


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