Dear customers

On account of  quickening a complaint process and simplification of communication in connection with kitchen doors, we would like to ask you to take photos of the particular defects or damage and send them to our Business department.

At the same time we offer you Recovery of claim – download here. By filling it in and enclosing it to the returned claimed doors you can significantly help easy identification of the returned doors and thus fast issue of credit (in case of the rightful complaint).

The Recovery of claim is a written document for lodging a claim only in case of sending it to the Business department and attaching the copy to the returned doors.

If you do not use the Recovery of claim during the claim, please, follow the same procedure as always - in a written form to the Business department.  

Thank you.
Business department
GRENA, Corp.

tel.: +420 381 549 111
fax: +420 381 581 071
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