Design details


  • without any other evaluation it is possible to use a maximum dimension of 1.250 x 1.000 mm,
  • the height of the vertical duct without any support may be installed up to the height of 5 meters, the number of levels is not limited on condition that the duct is supported on each level,
  • maximum permissible overpressure in the duct shall be 500 Pa, underpressure 1000 Pa,
  • the design shall be valid only for the four-sided duct, in no case for two- or three-sided duct,
  • suspension structures for the horizontal duct shall be made of steel and shall have such dimensions the calculated pressure will not exceed the values in Table No.1,
  • maximum spacing of the suspensions shall be 1.22 m,
  • the Grenamat AL boards shall be jointed with screws or steel clips,
  • the joints shall be covered with strips made of Grenamat AL boards, which are 100 mm wide and 10 mm thick, and shall be fixed to the duct with staples,
  • all joints and screws or clips shall be cemented with GrenaKlebepaste glue,
  • dimensions of suspension structures and their spacing shall be in compliance with the calculations of statics,
  • the construction of the duct is in detail described in the assembly manual of the Grena a.s. company,
  • the assembly shall be made only by a person or a company trained by the manufacturer.


Fire resistance Thickness of Grenamat AL boards(mm) Inner diameter, max.(mm) Board weight (kg/m2) Weight of duct at max. cross-section (kg/suspension 1,22 m) Max. admissible weight per a pair of suspension rods (dimension 9N/mm2)
EI 30 (ve - ho)
S 1000 multi
25 1250 x 1000 16,10 98,21 M6 ...36,18 kg M12 ...151,74 kg
EI600 30 (ve - ho)
S 1000 single
25 1250 x 1000 16,10 98,21 M8 ... 65,88 kg M14 ... 207,00 kg
EI 60 (ve - ho)
S 1000 multi
40 1250 x 1000 22,20 131,9 M10 ...104,40 kg M16 ...282,60 kg


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