Floor steel beams


Floor steel beams protected by Grenaboard ceilings is valid for all types of steel profiles IPE, HEB, HEA, square profile etc., from dimensions of 20 mm.
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Technical parameters

  • vermiculite board, thickness 16 mm
  • density 480 kg/m3
  • both sides surfaced with paper
  • format 1200 x 2400 mm
  • weight of board 7,70 kg/m2; 22,12 kg/board


Obr. 1. Floor steel beams protected by Grenaboard ceilings, trapezoidal floor.

Obr. 2. Floor steel beams protected by Grenaboard ceilings, wood board floor.

Suspended ceiling from Grenaboard

Fire resistance Construction - steel beams Ap/V(1/m) Spacing of supporting CD profiles (mm) Spacing of CD quick-hangers on supporting CD profile (mm)
R 30


 0 - 450 





R 45
R 60
R 90
R 120

Basic conditions


  • mineral wool with density 40 kg/m3, thickness 40 mm on suspended ceiling from Grenaboard

  • height of cavity between lower face of floor slab and upper face of membrane shall be at least 264 mm
  • roof slab slope shall be in the range of 0 - 25°
  • no combustible material in the cavity
  • A light or revision hole with a dimension of 600x600 mm may be installed in the ceiling
  • the material of the floor above the steel beams is not limited. It is possible to use different materials.
  • steel designed temperature calculated for 500 °C. Please contact Grena a.s. representive for other conditions.
  • It is possible to use alternative CD quick hangers, flat or four-point
  • other conditions are in the instructions for assembling
  • assembling of fire-resistant constructions approved after technical consultation

Ceiling and soffits with required fire resistance

Fire-resistant ceilings refer to building structures which prevent the spread of fire in a vertical direction by separating fire compartments in this direction. Fire resistance and the type of structures (from the point of view of response to fire) are determined by the fire safety degree of the fire compartment under fore-resistant ceiling (soffit)
Fire-resistant ceilings or ceilings inside a fire compartment which contain soffits (soffits with dependent function) are assessed as a whole. The contribution of the fore-resistant and protective function of suspended ceilings with dependent function, which enhances fire resistance of the ceiling structure, depends on the characteristics of the soffit as well as ceiling structure.
Fire-resistant ceilings or ceilings inside a fire compartment with suspended soffits (soffits with independent function) where fire load occurs between the soffit and the ceiling structure (such as cable distribution systems, pipes containing flammable liquids or gases, etc.) and where the sofft has a fire-resistant and protective function, are assessed either as two independent horizontal structures, and the pace between the soffit and the ceiling is regarded as an independent fire compartment, or under certain circumstances, they are assessed as whole.
In all cases where fire load occurs between the ceiling and the soffit structures, the soffit structure is to be assessed both from the upper side (with respect to fire load above the soffit) and from the lower side (with respect to fire risk under the soffit).
For all types of ceilings and suspend ceiling (soffits), very light and strong non-combustible boards Grenaboard are suitable.



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