Grenaboard is very light and strong non-combustible board produced from vermiculite and inorganic binder. This board is surfaced on both sides with paper and all four edges pressed for easy connection.
Grenaboard is certified to increase fire resistance of different types of ceiling structures up to 180 min.

For example: Ceilings

Grenaboard is certified in fire membrane function for various types of ceiling structures, either hanging the ceiling structure, or derectly on a wood beam ceiling.


Description      Vermiculate board paper surface
Dimension of boards   mm 1200 x 2400 x 16
Bulk density   kg/m3 480
Tolerance of thickness   mm +-0,3
Tolerance of format   mm +-2
Reaction to fire acc. to EN 13 501:1     A1, non-combustible
Index of spreading flame of surface i S with paper   mm/min  26, 80
Water absorbtion acc. to  EN 12 087   g/cm3 2hrs - 0,12, 24 hrs - 0,28, 48 hrs - 0,48
Bending strength (straight and cross direction)   MPa thickness 16 mm - 8,10
Cold compressive strength at def. of 10 %   MPa 2,95
Screw-resistant extraction EN 320 with paper   N thickness 16 mm - 450
Sound insulation acc. to EN ISO 140-3   dB thickness 16 mm - 28  
pH factor     5,5
Coefficient of gas diffusion     1,5 . 10-7 m2
Thermal conductivity at  20 oC   W/mK 0,17
Thermal length change   m/mK 8,5 . 10-6
Moisture content (in foil)   % 4 - 8
Chemical analysis: Al2O3  % 9,10
SiO2 % 54,75
MgO % 23,48
 Alkali % 5,21

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