Grenaboard vs. plastiboard


Grenaboard is very light and strong non-combustible board made from expanded vermiculite and inorganic binders. This board is surfaced on both sides with paper and all four edges pressed for easy connection.

Grenaboard is certified to increase fire resistance of different types of ceiling structures up to 180 min.



  Grenaboard Plastiboard
Weight of the board 7,7, kg/m2 From 10,5 kg/m2 to 14 kg/m2 according to board
  thickness board thickness depending on required
  fire-resistance of the constructions.
Suspended construction
  number of CD profiles
  and suporting elements

- Spacing of CD profiles always 600 mm for all
- It is not necessary to cross CD profiles,
  the boards are sufficiently strong
  for one direction of CD profiles.
-It is not necessary to use cross conectors
  for CD profiles.

- Spacing of CD profiles from 450 mm.
- Crossing of CD profiles is necessary with spacing
  from 450 mm.
- Cross conectors of CD profiles are necessary
  with spacing from 450x450 mm.

  of suspended
  ceiling doubling of board
  layers for greater

Always the same construction of suspended
  ceiling for all fire resistances, one type of board,
  one layer, the same spacing of profiles.
With fire-resistance over 45 min a double layer
  of plastiboards or use of a much thicker boards
  with the influance of the construction load it is
  necessary to reduce the spacing of CD profiles
  and to increase their number and also
  the number of hangers. 

Fire resistance


Fire resistance up to 180 min. depending on
  the type of ceiling construction.
Fire resistance up to 120 min. depending on
  the type of ceiling construction. 
Sound insulation Tested with mineral wool, minimum thickness
  40 mm, density 40 kg/m2
  for increased sound insulation. 
Installation is the same for all types of ceiling
  constructions and fire resistances, the same
  number of profiles, connectors and elements
Installation is more demanding because of greater
  number of elements especially with increased
  fire-resistance over 45 min. It is necessary
  to double the board layers and to use more
  supporting elements. (CD profiles, hangers,
  cross connectors, screws, etc.).
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