Splashback is technologically a top high gloss acrylic panel that looks like glass but in comparison with glass panels is not limited by installation and price.

Splashback offers a wide range of luxurios colours and as it is made from unique polymers, the panels do not crack, bend, shatter and do not get dirty and are not deformed by common domestic and commercial activities.

Splashback panels can be modified and cut at the place of installation which enables custom-made assembly and exact placement of electricity and water cut outs. It is 25 times more resistant against collision than glass panels.

Splashback panels are also easily maintained. Special detergents are not necessary. Common gentle detergent and a soft cloth are enough.

Splashback is suitable only for vertical areas in interiors.

Splashback is environmentally friendly.
Splashback consists of carbon, hydrogen and oxigen. It is 100% recycable - while being recycled it consumes only about 10% from the original energy - unlike glass which needs more than 60 % from the original energy while being recycled.
Splashback is produced completely under  the system  EGR of environmental management which has been independently accredited according to the Standard  ISO14001.
No pollutant emissions are released into the air, soil or water during the production of Splashback.

We guarantee 10  years of resistance against UV radiation.
Splashback panels do not chip like paint, vinyl or wood. The colour of a panel is not only sprayed on the surface but it is directly immersed in the panel.

Minute cracks can be easily corrected.

Due to its elegant and modern design Splashback is a simple and cheap solution for a new luxurious look.

Standard design offer: 650 x 3150 mm


Splashback should not be used for the following:

  • horizontal areas
  • in exteriors
  • shower enclosures (for these purposes use panels Lustrolite)
  • behind gas cook-ranges (it can be used for electric hobs in case the minimum distance 50 mm is respected)
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