Universal glue for higher temperatures up to 1200°C.

  • Grena Klebepaste is inorganic glue which does not release any gases or flammable materials at high temperatures
  • the glue is water soluble
  • both glued sides should be protected from water
  • soiled tools can be washed in water

  • the glue irritates skin.
  • avoid contact with eyes, when the glue gets into the eyes, rinse them out with running water immediately and see the doctor
  • use protective wear - suitable clothing, gloves and glasses



  • before application mix the glue thoroughly and “knead“ the tubes well
  • glued surfaces have to be clean, dry and free of any dust and grease
  • use the glue at temperatures above +10°C
  • after application of the glue on one surface, which is to be glued, with a toothed spattle or a “caterpillar“, place the second dry part on the glued side and while applying the circular movement press both parts to each other lightly to fill all possible gaps with the glue
  • press both parts tightly for a sufficient time depending on the working environment temperature (for approx. 3 min) and make sure that the glue does not form any skin
  • when greater amount of glue has been applied, remove the extra amount with the toothed spattle
  • the amount of glue applied depends on the type of materials being glued, and ranges from 1 to 1.8 kg/m2
  • glue setting time depends on the surfaces and the type of material being glued and on the amount of glue applied as well
  • at temperature of 20°C the glue will be set in 12 hours

How to apply the glue:

Packaging and storage:

  • the glue is supplied in plastic tubes. Their weight is 1000 grams
  • the shelf life is 6 months at minimum
  • the glue should be stored at temperatures of + 5 to 25°


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