Lacquered doors

Lacquered doors Grena DD are treated with high-quality UV stable polyurethane semi-matt or high gloss varnish.

They can be used anywhere in the interior, not only in the kitchen, but also in other places such as bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms, living and other areas. Especially luxurious are the high-gloss lacquered doors, which have a high light reflectance, making each interior brilliant and optically enlarged.

The advantage is their good resistance to moisture and abrasion.

You can choose from more than 190 color shades, which we have divided into 2 price categories for you:

Our lacquered doors are available in all shapes of the Handy, Ideal and Elegant collection.

You can also order lacquered listels, cornice moldings and bar ramps. The order must be in one decor (one RAL color).

Lacquered surfaces do not require special care.

The first cleaning of the painted surface can only be carried out after the paint has fully matured, ie not earlier than 14 days after the door has been delivered.

In normal operation, it is sufficient to keep the lacquered surface clean using a quality fine cloth or sponge moistened with water and a detergent free of sand, powder or other component with abrasive effect.

Avoid applying too much pressure to the surface to be cleaned to avoid an undesirable change in gloss.

It is advisable to treat the cleaned surface with a polishing agent suitable for painted surfaces. This will protect it from scratches, dust and other dirt. Always check the suitability of the rinse aid on a less visible surface (eg edge).

Never use color cleaners and preparations containing oils, alcohols, solvents and any aggressive substances. For best results, use the product recommended by the manufacturer of the lacquer: Clean Möbelpflege Plus.

The painted surface must NEVER be:

✖ dry cleaning
✖ wipe with sharp objects or object with abrasive surfaces
✖ wash with brush, scraper, steel wool etc.

Price list including technical and business conditions of lacquered doors can be found here.

For more information and orders contact our sales department: dvirka @

Note: For orders where the sum of the front areas of the ordered goods is less than 2 m2, a surcharge of 37,25 € will be charged.

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