News 2020

News of kitchen and furniture doors 2020

1. New soft pastel decors of foil doors


Do you long for a harmonious interior? Do you like simplicity, but still feel that some color would benefit your apartment?

Try to choose soft shades - liven up your living with pastel colors!


Pastel colors have been a trend for several years. No wonder. It is proven that pastel colors can positively affect our psyche.

In cooperation with our Art director, architect Tereza Šašková, we have carefully selected a palette of pastel shades from our offer of foiled and lacquered doors, which we have enriched with 2 NEW DECORS - Mat Rosé and Olivová.

Pastel foil decors
Foil doors

The Mat rosé decor was included in the F2 category and the Olive decor in the F1 category.

Pastel shades of RAL colors
Lacquered doors

… and many others. You can choose lacquered doors in more than 190 shades of RAL colors.


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