Standard design offer: 1000 x 2440 mm

Thickness of a panel: 4 mm



Each polymer Lustrolite panel has precise surface finish, is perfectly smooth and looks like glass.

  • Polished surface with high gloss
  • Colour saturation like glass
  • It is decorative and will bring colour in each household.


Lustrolite contains an integrated coloured layer and a solid surface finish of exterior surface with excellent performance characteristics. Hardness comparation

  • High resistance against chemicals and stains
  • High resistance against mechanical damage and wear
  • Co-extruded coloured layer
  • High resistance against heat effect and heat shock


The following chemicals have no effect on this polymer:

  • Spray & Wipe
  • Windex
  • aceton
  • window cleaner
  • ethanoic acid 5%
  • citric acid
  • kerosene
  • mineral turpentine
  • bleach
  • izopropyl alcohol


Lustrolite is suitable only for interior vertical surfaces and should not be exposed to the direct sun light and temperatures over 70°C(158°F).



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