Protective slats

prevents damage to the door around the oven

They are elegant, unobtrusive, do not interfere with the overall design of the kitchen. They are an effective helper. If the furniture door is repeatedly exposed to a temperature higher than 80°C, the foil may become partially damaged or peeled off. The highest risk of high temperature effects on furniture is near the built-in oven. The ideal precaution is the installation of protective slats to prevent heat from the oven on the surrounding door.


They work great and are invisible!

As can be seen in the following figures, the protective slats are almost invisible when looking at the kitchen.
Both photos show the same detail - with the door closed (left) and the door open (right).


Ideally, we recommend fitting the protective slats immediately when installing a new appliance. However, it is also possible to provide protective slats later on. Installation of stainless steel slats is very easy.

  • Side slats - insert on the right and left side of the cabinet behind the oven and together with it attach the screws that were supplied with the oven for this purpose. They are L-shaped and are always delivered in pairs. They have a size of 18 x 20 x 580 mm and thus fits for any built-in oven with body thickness 18 mm.
  • Bottom protective slats - designed for cabinets with a width of 60 cm - mounted on the bottom of the cabinet with screws that are included. Subsequently, it is possible to install the appliance itself and possibly the side slats. The bottom rail can be used for various built-in appliances whose overlap over the cabinet edge is 1 - 7 mm.


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