Boards with a high gloss Grenagloss can be used on all vertical surfaces (Attention! Please, note the warning) in the interior for:

  • kitchen - doors
  • living room furniture
  • bathrooms
  • wardrobes
  • doors
  • walls and partitions

The material can be machined by cutting, drilling and milling. Use sharp carbide tools (with lower speed).
Grenagloss boards can provide an acrylic or ABS edge, never use PVC edge. For edge banding we recommend clear or White EVA or PUR hot melt glue.




  • Do not use boards with a high gloss Grenagloss straight next to heat sources such as stoves, fire places, radiators, hobs, ovens, cook-ranges, etc.). Keep a minimum 20 mm distance.
  • Do not ever remove the protection foil, which is provided for all boards, before finishing all operations. Immediately after removing the protection foil we recommend a surface treatment of the boards by applying suitable polish (e.g. Pronto Multi-Surface against dust) and cleaning it by using a new clean soft micro-fibre or felt cloth. The optimal surface resistance against scratching will be reached. For large areas we recommend removing the protection foil in stages and only after treating the exposed surface by the polish you can move to the next step in the same way like before.   


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