Veneer doors

Veneered door Grena DD will find its use not only at home, but it is also suitable for furniture in public spaces such as hotels, restaurants, offices, etc.

The main advantage of veneered doors is the natural appearance of wood combined with the stable mechanical properties of DTD.

The basic material is 18 mm thick DTD with 0.6 mm thick glued veneer on both the front and rear surfaces. The edge on the sides is in the same veneer thickness of 2 mm (radius R2).

 Fans of natural materials can choose from 30 kinds of wood decors.

Selecting the decor is not the end.

You can choose 3 types of veneer splicing - book matched, slip matched, random matched

The final finish of our veneered doors is, as a standard, carried out with organic VOC-free oil-wax. Natural oil wax gives the wood a natural look, enhances its drawing and protects both the wood itself and its color. Thanks to this finish, the veneered door is pleasant to the touch.

We can also supply the doors with lacquered finishes or without surface finishing, so that you can finish the door yourself.

You can also choose a veneered door with a glass panel or stained glass.

Veneer doors with oil wax do not require special care.

The first cleaning should be done at least 14 days after the door has been delivered, after the paint has sufficiently hardened.

In normal operation, it is sufficient to keep the surface clean using a cloth slightly moistened with lukewarm water and detergent. Cleaned and dried doors should be treated with a polishing agent suitable for painted surfaces. This will protect the door from scratches, dust and other debris.

The surface of the veneered door must NEVER be:
✖ wipe with sharp objects or object with abrasive surfaces
✖ wash with brush, scraper, steel wool etc.

Price list including technical and business conditions of veneered doors can be found here.

For more information and orders contact our sales department:

Would you like a veneered door in a wood that you did not find in our offer? We will be pleased to address your demand and process your offer with respect to the availability of your chosen veneer.

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