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GRENA, a.s. is a Czech company, which was established in 1941. The main areas of production are fire-resistant, non-combustible, insulating and acoustic vermiculite boards and shaped parts Grenamat. These products are widely used in construction, the shipbuilding industry, in the construction of fireplaces and stoves, in the manufacture of doors and in many other industries. We export these products to more than 30 countries around the world. Our second division is focused on surface treatment of materials (CPL, HPL, veneers, modern high-gloss acrylates, paints). This division also includes the production of Grena DD kitchen and furniture doors and furniture parts.

During the production cycle, our products are constantly tested and compared with top products not only from the Czech Republic, but also from abroad. Machinery that is used in the production is regularly renewed and replenished with new equipment, so that the final products meet most customer requirements.

International certificate ISO 9001:2015, which the company acquired in January 2018, guarantees first class of the products. Certification has demonstrated compliance of our quality management system with requirements of international standard ISO 9001.

In 2020, we joined the ranks of more than 300 other Czech companies and enterprises that mark their products with the Genuine Czech trademark.

Due to the offer of materials for the construction of fireplaces and stoves, which we have been producing and further developing since 2012, GRENA is a member of the professional organization Cech kamnářů České republiky (Guild of stoves of the Czech Republic), which brings together tradesmen and companies operating in the field of stove trade.

Because of the production of foil and veneered boards, furniture parts and kitchen doors, our company is connected with furniture industry. So we are also members of the Klastr českých nábytkářů (the Cluster of Czech Furniture Makers) and the Asociace českých nábytkářů (the Association of Czech Furniture Makers) - organizations that support business and development in the field of joinery and furniture, woodworking industry and interior design.

The company is also a member of the Profesní komora požární ochrany (Professional Chamber of Fire Protection) and Jihočeská hospodářská komora (the South Bohemian Chamber of Commerce).




Grena Company, Inc. produces:


Boards made from the expanded vermiculite, inorganic binder or wooden substance, can be provided with a finish. They are highly resistant against fire and . They are used to protect marine constructions (ship partitions, walls, ceilings and other interior components on ships), building constructions (fire-resistant partitions, air-condition pipeline, wall lining on escape routes, fire-resistant lining of elevator shafts and service ducts, smoke curtains), for improvement of fire-resistance of existing structures, for fireplaces and stoves, as a building and constructional element for building of fireplace shells, fire-resistant doors, acoustic panels and lining.

Non-combustible boards Ship construction Fire-resistant boards      
Non-combustible boards Ship construction Fire-resistant boards      


Vermiculite is expanded in five classes of granulation – Micron, Superfine, Fine, Medium and Large. It is used in a production of fire-resistant and refractory boards Grenamat, in metallurgical industry for isothermal packing materials of melted metals, in the building industry for lightweight thermal-insulating concrete and plasters, in the car industry for brake block lining and clutch plate lining, in agriculture, horticulture and others. Since 2005 the company has been a member of The Vermiculite Association.

micron superfine fine medium large


We have been manufacturing kitchen and furniture doors for more than 20 years. In our offer you will find over 50 different door shapes, from simpler to more complex ones. A wide selection of modern and classic foil decors will surely satisfy the taste and imagination of anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their furniture. In addition to foil doors, our customers can also choose lacquered or veneered doors. Grena DD doors are suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and offices.

Collection Matt /
High gloss


The board material includes boards Grenagloss (MDF boards with special high gloss acrylic foil or deep matt, in 17 attractive designs, suitable for vertical interior surfaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, doors, built-in wardrobes, wall linings), foiled boards FFB (chipboards which are finished on the surface with an impregnated foil, suitable mainly for door production), veneered boards and decorative wall panels with high gloss for kitchens Splashback and face panels for bathrooms Lustrolite. Easy installation, maintenance and an elegant surface finish of Grena boards – a guarantee for a luxurious home!

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